FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

Mining is still the best way to accumulate coins with low risk. If you buy a machine and then decide later that you don’t want to mine, you can still resell your machine and recoup up to 100% of your investment, while keeping 100% of the coins you made. You can’t do that with buying on an exchange.

Even with the maintenance fee of taking care of your machines, we still charge lower costs than the price you would pay to run them at home. We can do this because we pay some of the cheapest industrial electrical rates in the country, due to our proximity to a massive amount of hydropower in the Northeastern US. Not only will we take the hassle out of constantly cleaning and rebooting miners, but we also provide the best environment to get the full life cycle out of your machine. Data center temperature optimization and dust filtering make a big difference in the life of a mining machine.

Paying for hash costs an expensive premium, and usually locks you into 2-year contract minimum. We charge a price per hash that is on average 50% lower than the largest hash providing company in the world.

We customize your plan based on power used, a number of machines, and length of the contract. We can take in any amount of machines, with a minimum of 10 ASICs or a minimum of 5 GPU rigs (based on 6 GPU rig design, 30 GPU minimum total). We require that you pay for shipping anytime it is required.

Yes, starting January 1st, 2019, we will be able to host FPGA’s. We do not provide our own bitstreams but will provide the bitstream installation and updates when necessary from a source approved by you.

We will contact you immediately if your machines break down, and discuss options with you. You can choose to have them repaired, held, or shipped back to you. You will not be charged while your machines are down. We record the downtime, notify you exactly when and for how long, and amend the monthly bill. This also applies if machines are taken down for general maintenance.

For ASICs, we can provide certain repairs ourselves (like fan replacement), which will be cheaper than sending them back to the manufacturer. If there is a bigger hardware or software error, we will send them back to the manufacturer for repair. You can choose your involvement in the process. GPU machines require a more personal touch, as they have more components. In both cases, we will call you as soon as possible to discuss options with you.

No. A wallet should only be created by the user. We can provide helpful links in making wallets for any coin, but you must create it yourself and provide us the address before successful deployment.

Yes. For ASICs, your pool information will show the hashrate and have a personal indicator linking the pool to you. For GPU’s, we use ethOS software, so you will be provided your own dashboard to view miner hashrates, temperatures, voltages, GPU’s up and down, and all the other information ethos provides. If you chose not to use ethOS, a pool setup similar to what we first described will be provided to you.

You are responsible for paying the length of your contract. Your contract costs consist of just a monthly bill, like a subscription type service. The amount per month can be amended, either with downtime or additional repair costs. Anytime the amount is amended, you will be notified.

If you fall behind on payments, we reserve the right to continue to mine on your machine until your contract is paid out. This consists of switching the target wallet on the machine to our own. After the contract is paid out, we will arrange shipment of the machine back to you.