Alpha Miner GPU-200 US Stock + PSU, host them elsewhere

$1,495.00 $1,395.00

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Alpha Miner GPU-200 is a professional GPU Computing Server usable for many applications, cryptocurrency mining in particular.

  • Open Linux Ubuntu 16.04 OS allowing installation of any compatible mining software or other applications *
  • 9 x AMD RX570 4 GB GPU cards good for 250 MH/s hashing power**
  • Heatsink cooling on cards and built-in blow-through fans
  • The power consumption of 1450W
  • No-riser motherboard for ease of maintenance
  • Plug-n-Play setup – connect to power and miner one of four major currencies out-of-the-box
  • Mine dozens of other currencies after installation of compatible software*
  • Fully optimized and balanced system
  • Professional 93% efficient Alpha Miner PSU-1600 featuring UL, CE, CB, FCC, RoHS, 80 Plus Gold certification is included***
  • 6 months limited warranty*

Other possible uses with compatible software include Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Video Rendering, Face Recognition, Weather Forecasting, or any other application requiring power of GPU Computing.

Limited warranty applies. Any modifications to hardware or software, including higher overclocking, OS and driver updates void the warranty.

Alpha Miner PSU-1600 requires 180-277V power connection. Certificates are valid to 264V. UL Registered mark means the product design, components, and production processes were inspected and approved by United Laboratories, but installed equipment inspection is required for final certification.


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