What is Infrastructure as a Service?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a method of handling technological infrastructure needs using a third party host. In this case, the third party hosts and operates hardware, servers, software, storage and other infrastructure related needs in a cloud for a company. This is what the Savage IO professionals can co for you, plus being highly skilled to meet the maintenance, reliability, and physical security needs of the infrastructure for the company.

What is IaaS Used For?

IaaS has a wide range of applications for different companies. It can be used to house networked machines and handle business functions. Also applications and software can be hosted in the cloud using IaaS for the complete range of testing or deployment needs. Companies with seasonal workload demands can use IaaS to handle peak demand. The applications of IaaS vary for every company and cover a broad range use cases.



How Can Savage IO Help?

You have a lot of data. You need fast response (low latency) access to your data. You might, for example, have interests in gaming, security, currency mining, high frequency investment trading, or other applications that require a fast turnaround with big data. SIO can be that 'third party' for you. You can look to SIO to provide storage of information needing fast calculations and turnaround. The SIO Information as a Service (IaaS) provides secure, private storage of high quantities of data that you can access at a speed that will let you compete and profit at any time.

Cost Effective
Affordable price so you can have the right amount of storage to meet your needs
Low Latency
You will have extremely fast response access to your data whenever you want it
High Bandwidth
You will have enough bandwidth for any high demand data needs
User Friendly
Designed to be simplistic and powerful, you will feel right at home with our infastructure


Besides housing your data with experts, you save the costs of building an operating facility, buying and setting up the appropriate equipment, and hiring personnel. With SIO you can start your storage immediately. Savage IO will provide just the amount of storage capacity you need to meet your needs. Finally we offers high uptime and world class customer support so our IaaS is always there when you need it.

Cost Model

Since IaaS can be such a variable service, we make it a priority to provide a cost for the service on a per customer basis. We know that every company's needs and budgets are different and want to make sure we can provide an affordable and effective product every time. So please contact us using our contact page for quotes and information of our IaaS.

Privacy and Reliability

Here at Savage IO, we know that data and business operations are sensitive information and that you need access 24/7 all year long. That's why we make it a priority to provide you with world class up time and reliability while keeping your information private and secure.