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Savage IO was founded by Phillip Roberto, a nine-year veteran of the Navy which included time as the Leading Petty Officer in the Fleet Operations Center responsible for Naval Computer and Telecommunications for the entire Pacific Fleet. During this time, Phil developed some ideas about how to improve networked device performance and speed. Since leaving the Navy, Phil has continued to work on these improvements and on building devices that can take advantage of his findings. At Savage IO he has found success and passes that on to you! Savage IO has been the ideal platform for him to commercialize high performance networked devices that take advantage of his technology. These technological advances help you get  the most out of their networks and equipment in multiple applications.

He and his skilled team have set up a cryptocurrency operation to mine bitcoin, ethereum, and other currencies. This has proven to be an ideal platform to demonstrate and improve on his innovations. Savage IO mining is one of the most profitable operations there is.

Phillip has also designed for sale two different hardware products that allow the public to take advantage of his innovations for powerful and fast response/low latency applications. Check out the Savage IO hardware page to learn more.

What We Do

Digital Currency Mining
Applying our technical advancements, we give customers a massive advantage in the competitive bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, and other mining spaces

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Infrastructure as a Service
Expand your infrastructure with our low latency, high bandwidth, cost effective, and user friendly approach to IaaS.

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Our Storage and GPU servers are built to provide maximum performance and integrate easily into your current infrastructure.

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Phil Roberto


Phil is cofounder of Savage IO, and led the design, implementation, and production of the SavageStor product line. A nine-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, Phil’s career highlights include serving as the leading petty officer in the Fleet Operations Center, responsible for Naval Computer and Telecommunications for the entire Pacific Fleet. Prior to starting Savage IO, he spent ten years in IT administration, managing storage, networking, virtualization, cloud computing, and holds a number of key certifications in networking, internet security, and other disciplines from Microsoft and Cisco Systems, among others. Phil was born and raised in New York. He still resides near his boyhood home with his wife and four children.

Steve Garvin

Board Member, Seed Capital Investor, CEO

Steve has spent much of his investment career as an active start-up/ development stage investor. Most notable investments -Encore Wire (NASDAQ-WIRE) and Cima Labs (Acquired 2003) by Cephalon for $300m... and a number of private start-ups. Steve was the initial seed capital investor with Savage IO in January 2010. He is a Sr. A Member of the Buffalo Angels Group. Steve is active in the role of guiding Savage IO by bringing in an Executive C-Level management team and he believes that Savage IO is at the forefront of this exciting new technology. Steve is married to his wife of 29 years and they have 3 grown sons.

Phil and Steve lead a team of highly skilled and deeply dedicated individuals who come together to form a winning team for you.

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