Our Hardware

Savage IO specializes in data storage and GPU based servers. We focus on aggressively maximizing the performance of our hardware. Our goal is to provide you with the fastest turnaround hardware at your site or in your remote rented facility.

Our Products

Savage Storage Server
The Savage Storage Servers are based on an Intel® Xeon® v4 and v3 processor family platform that can support up to 192 TB of storage capacity and 28 GB/s throughput to the network with up to 48 hot swappable storage hard drives. Savage IO technology drives latency down to nanoseconds, resulting in a perfect product for and rapid response requirement.
GPU Based Server
Savage IO makes an industry leading GPU-based server. The company has found great success in hashing for Ethereum, Zcash, and other currencies. But don’t stop there. This gear can be used for many other applications where six GPU horsepower can be a benefit. Reasonably priced, but performance advantaged.


Savage Storage Server


GPU Miner